To keep clean and perfectly bright the capsules by eliminating immediately the residues and excesses of product ejected during the filling process:
  • Powder slugs
  • Pellets


To sort the capsules after the filling process to eliminate automatically:
  • Capsule with joining defect.
  • Telescoped capsules.
  • Capsule with powder or pellet interspersed between the cap and body parts.
  • Smashed and oval capsules.
  • Capsule with hole or broken
  • Defects of asperity, bubbles


To sort the capsules after filling process to eliminate:
  • Empty capsule.
  • Single body filled with product.
  • Single body and cap parts.

TRICAP, capsules inspection machine to eliminate automatically defective capsules after the filling process:

  • A compact machine with a reliable and efficient innovative sorting system
  • An immediate impact on the productivity.


Install the TRICAP in line with the filling machine to increase your competitiveness by reducing the cost of production of the capsules.


  • Reduce significantly the stoppages and cleaning of packaging lines (blister, bottles).
  • Ensure and control the quality of 100% of your production.
  • Reduce the workload of your operators.
  • Avoid visual selection operations.
  • Reassure your customers by guaranteeing them a unitary control of the production.
  • Improve your process by the analysis of rejections which is a representative indicator of the process performance:
    • For QA: data can be registered in the manufactured batch file, helps to define the continuous improvement actions.
    • For maintenance: to prevent the filling machine dysfunction (misalignments, wear of the size parts).


The TRICAP system is already used with total satisfaction by numerous pharmaceutical companies.

We remain at your entire disposal to demonstrate its effectiveness:
Out of the production: Possibility of presentation and demonstration in a meeting room.
Inside production room: Test online at your real conditions of production


27/03/2012 TRICAP HP (High Production): ability to sort online up to 250000 capsules/hour
TRICAP evolves with version HP (High Production) to meet the high production capacity of last generation of filling machines.
25/01/2012 TRICAP/DEP +: Version with vertical tube of extended dust (+ 80 cm)
TRICAP/DEP + is equipped with an extended vertical dedusting tube to lift capsules on a height of 80 cm.
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